Having a High Energy Bill Isn’t Fun, and Neither is Breathing Dirty Air


Are you wondering why your energy bill is always running high or doesn’t make sense for the home you’re in? Unfortunately, with current time cost of living increasing that may be an issue we have for a while to come. But being cost efficient at home definitely can help save us a buck. Turning off any unused lights in the house, unplugging any unused appliances, only heating and cooling the house when you are there, changing the HVAC air filter. Those are a few options we can do to lower the cost. BUT are you aware that by properly maintaining all the components of a dirty HVAC system (air ducts included), you can cut the energy bill cost by as much as 20%-30%. Along with helping with energy cost it also helps avoid repairs to the replacement of these parts. 
Unfortunately cleaning the air ducts in your home is not a project that can be performed with the shop-vac at home. Professional equipment is required in order to proper clear out the contaminants of the home.
Common ways of air duct cleaning are:

  • contact cleaning
  • negative air 
  • air sweep

While all methods use a vacuum to draw the contaminants, the dirt and debris is agitated and loosened with air compressor tools or rotary brushes. Most homes do require access points to be made on the system in order for the equipment to be properly attached. Without proper cleaning procedures taken place during the cleaning, the risk of blowback and recontamination will be probable. Blowback is the term used when a system is agitated but not properly removed of contaminants, causing all that debris to be blown into the home covering the homes air and furniture with the contaminants. 

Most home’s ventilation system are compromised from the original build of the home. Uncovered vents and returns during the construction process will result in sawdust, drywall, electrical wires, soda cans, and even unwanted critters finding their way into the system. Over the years of running dirty contaminants through the system, other components such as the A coil can get compromised and create optimal places for microbial growth to take place. “With 90% of our time being spent indoors”, stated by the Environmental Protection Agency, constantly breathing air polluted with dust, pet dander, dust mites, mold, and other contaminants can potentially take an affect in our lives. In todays time, “health is wealth,” and what better way can we take care of ourselves than breathing in clean quality air!

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